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Installing a new lawn may require grading to create a smooth surface of the soil and act as a base for the lawn. We usually need to add at least a 2 inch layer of blended topsoil and compost. Depending on your location each installation is a little different process. You may need fertilizer and/or lime. Though installing a lawn might seem straightforward, there could be a number of issues involved in the process. These issues may or may not be obvious at first glance. There are a few common options to achieving a lush, beautiful green lawn. Sod can be rolled out for an immediate green look, but, seeding or hydroseeding are less expensive options.

Sod is the most common option and it has instant appeal. It has a tight root system so few weeds grow into it but can be more susceptible to disease than a seeded lawn and the initial installation costs more than seeding.

Seed is an option and the advantage is that you can tailor your seed choices to the soil type, sun, and amount of traffice the lawn will receive. The disadvantage is that when you create ideal conditions for lawn seed to sprout, weed seeds will also come up.

Hydroseed is a fast option for seeding large areas of lawn quickly and inexpensively. The advantage is that the seeds are kept warm and therefore encourages better germination than hand-seeding.

Look through the gallery of photos below to see how quickly you can have a new lawn. 

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